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Welcome to Hydroclim Group!

The group is part of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Water Research (ICWaR) at IISc. Hydroclim group members are motivated by the impacts natural phenomena such as floods, droughts, and high and low rains have on human life and property. The group tries to understand the interaction between hydro-meteorological variables (such as river discharge, rain, and temperature) and large-scale oceanic and atmospheric variables at different spatial and temporal scales. We are developing novel data-driven frameworks and employing physical/conceptual models to predict hydrometeorological variables.

The group is led by Dr Rajarshi Das Bhowmik, Assistant Professor at ICWaR, IISc Bangalore. Rajarshi is a core faculty at ICWaR and an associate faculty at the Department of Civil Engineering. He obtained his PhD from the North Carolina State University (USA). He was a postdoctoral fellow at the Hong Kong University of Science and technology, and an INSPIRE faculty at IISc, Bangalore.

Lab News

Research Focus

Unprecedented weather events are defined as high magnitude weather events with a low probability of occurrence. These are the rarest events whose return period (reciprocal of the probability) may not be possible to estimate. Among such events were Hurricane Harvey’s heavy rainfall (USA, 2017) and the recent floods in Kerala (India, 2018). As a result of climate change, previously unprecedented events are becoming more frequent; in fact, they may no longer be unprecedented.

Our goal is to determine how often these events are occurring. It is also our goal to predict and understand their future probability. For a project supported by SERB, Dr Tabasum and Ms Anu investigated different greenhouse gas emission scenarios and used a data-driven statistical model to estimate the likelihood of unprecedented weather events.

Join the group

The group includes postdocs, PhD students, MTech students, and project staff. If you are interested to join our group send an email to with your CV and cover letter.

We are currently looking for a project associate; for details, click here.

Summer interns can email their CVs, and one recommendation letter (preferably from the head of the department).

Prospective postdoc candidates are requested to explore Raman postdoc opportunities (

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